Sunday, September 19, 2010

Roots and Shoots Farm Party

On Saturday, Roots and Shoots had a farm party for its CSA members. We met together to celebrate the harvest and to celebrate a great season of delicious, locally grown, organic produce.

Roots and Shoots Farm is nearing the end of its first year in production and have already begun plans for next year's crop. This includes some expansion. We are now in week 13 of a 16 week program and there is still wonderful things coming from the fields.

Their farm is situated at Manotick Station on Mitch Owens Drive just west of Bakkers General Store and European Deli.

This farm tractor is a special design that allows for cultivating between the rows, allowing for regular maintenance of the fields.

Proprietor, Robin Turner gave us a tour of the farm and the fields and shared his plans for next season.

This is one of two beautiful fields of carrots planted in support of the Ottawa Food Bank. They have regular volunteers to come and weed the fields. The constant weeding and the solid irrigation at the time of seed planting has meant that they will have a healthy, bumper crop come harvest time.

The news of this program was announced earlier in the summer.

The CSA members that arrived early to the farm on Saturday, pitched in to weed their own carrots that will still be in the ground for a few weeks to come.

Robin has planted buckwheat in a few fields now in preparation for next season. Buckwheat is considered 'green manure'. It is a crop that is grown to be plowed under. Its sole purpose is to add nutrients to the soil.

Although we were not able to stay for the potluck dinner and campfire, it was wonderful to get out to meet the dynamic team that makes it all possible for its members. A big thank you to Robin, Jess, Danny and Rosalind.

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