Thursday, April 9, 2009

NAC's The Blue Dragon

Last night was date night and we zipped off to The NAC to see Robert Lepage's play The Blue Dragon. Two hours long and no intermission. What are you thinking? Well the time just flew by. The story was steady and fast moving. But best of all was the eye candy of a very clever set design that also incorporated video and slides in its presentation to make it as 3D as possible. This also seemed to play well with the colours. At times it felt more like watching a movie. If you go, you won't be disappointed. But it is only playing until this Saturday, April 11. Do what you can to move your schedule around to make it happen. You will feel like you got your life on track again. Well at least for a day. BTW...Robert Lepage will be receiving the Governor General's Performing Arts Award in May. Certainly an accomplished playwright, director and actor. It always feels good to see good.
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