Friday, January 22, 2010

Why Am I Hiding in Hollywood?

Some people kill off the cold days of winter doing puzzles or crosswords. This year, it seems I have drifted to movies. The irony is that I have a very hard time keeping my attention span through the entire length of a cinematic creation. One day I gave myself permission to go to the movies by myself and to not feel insignificant about it. In fact, there is actually nothing terribly social about sitting in the dark theatre with someone beside you that you usually don't touch in public and for sure someone that you won't be talking to during the event. So does it really matter if the person beside me is a total stranger? I don't think so. I treat myself to movies under the following possible conditions:
1) I have worked very hard on a goal and want to reward myself with a little break for a few hours.
2) The members of the household are already occupied with their own activities and I am without a plan.
3) It is a time when movies are very cheap - Tuesdays or the morning (Rainbow Cinema $2!!). Of course the Bytowne Cinema seems cheap all the time at $6 for members.
4) I just HAVE to see it.

So here is my list from my last addiction...
* The Young Victoria - really enjoyed
* A Single Man - great movie
* The Men Who Stare At Goats - absurd but fun. Wait for the DVD.
* The Blind Side - One of Sandra Bullock's better performances. But wait for the DVD. I thought it got too much hype.
* The Proposal - fine on DVD or free! Not super memorable.
* It's Complicated - worth heading to the theatre now. Meryl Streep is great.
* Up In The Air - George Clooney is not hard on the eyes. Liked it!
* Grey Gardens - Compelling but sad. Drew Barrymore deserves her Golden Globe.
* The Devil Wears Prada - There is Meryl Streep again. She is always on her game.
* Under The Tuscan Sun - I hear the book was better. Cute.
* Brothers - Compelling. I liked it but I hear the original Danish film is better.
* Cairo Time - I liked it. But not a big wow.
* Leap Year - fun and crazy. Makes you ask why you live life so seriously.
* Julie and Julia - Meryl Streep. Need I say more.
* Broken Embraces - Penelope Cruz! I liked it!
* Nine - Skip the theatre. Kate Hudson has a fantastic song and dance in this musical.
* Pride and Prejudice - Classic!
* Beverly Hills Cop - Sometimes you just have to go back to the 80's.
* Taking Chance - Cried even the third time seeing this. Kevin Bacon deserved the Golden Globe
* An Education - Loved it!
* Flame and Citron - Awesome. Gut-wrenching story of German occupation of Denmark.
* Coco Avant Chanel - Enjoyed it.
* Prague - fantastic Danish film. Not as good as After the Wedding though.
* The Reader - I thought it was great.
* In The Loop - a must see if you are a public servant. Lots of profanity but funny.

On my up and coming list...
* Crazy Heart
* The Last Station
* The White Ribbon

Perhaps it is time for the 12 step program.

Sitting in the Coffee Shop

You are sitting in the coffee shop alone.
Caressing your latte and reading the Globe.
The sun warms your table and bakes in its serenity.

I just watch.

Are you waiting for someone?
Or will you find company in print this morning?

If I approach you,
I fear you may feel the sun block,
And a chill settle in.

I wish for a warm welcome.
But I just take my cloud and go.
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