Friday, November 27, 2009

Is A First Love Always The Sweetest?

How do we learn how to love? Is it just something that happens to us as a special glance comes our way? A brush of the hand? A captivating scent? A closeness that pulls at us like a magnet? Young love starts us on a journey of intimacy and wonderment of how the heart can twist and turn and bleed with hot passion. Whether we stay in our first love or whether it becomes a building block for future relationships better suited for us, that first young love will always hold a coveted place in our heart. Although we have made full disclosure, it is hard not to feel like we are carrying a mysterious secret from your 'now love', as only we can know truly how that person made us feel. And only we know the full range of colours and the sharpness of those memories. Today I am listening to the sound of that voice that captured my heart some 33 years ago. That seven year experience ended in a heart wrenching train wreck. I can't help but think that only he knows me, as it was he who branded my innocent heart with that imprint of first love.
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