Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Red Pepper and Peach Relish

I have not done preserves for so many years. I fell into the parent trap where that role becomes all consuming. And the idea of canning my own food was just time spent that I didn't have. Lately we have been enjoying the Ontario peach crop with great zeal. Now an empty-nester by just days, that urge to boil mason jars actually came back!

I found a Red Pepper and Peach Relish recipe by our tried and true Canadian Living Test Kitchen as a starting point. I quickly brought myself back up to speed on peeling peaches and also on canning.

My most favourite use for Red Pepper and Peach Relish is to complement cedar-plank salmon and also on any type of appetizer that has a cream cheese spread.

Seven precious jars of flaming red goodness. So delicious. I am glad to be back in the biz.

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