Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rise & Shine Family Restaurant - Waterloo, Ontario

When we were in Waterloo recently and looking for a breakfast/brunch place, we knew that we wanted something that had a predictable menu with lots of choices. Just give us the straight goods. We found a place tucked away in an unassuming strip mall that appeared to be doing a brisk business. Always a good sign.

Inside the place looked clean and orderly. Another good sign.

And for a wee place in a strip mall, it sure seems to hold a lot of tables. Considering the brisk business, good for them!

The menu is daunting in its full 7 pages. But if you want any combination of breakfast, brunch or lunch known to man, then 7 pages it must be. By the way, the place closes at 3 pm every day so don't be looking for dinner here.

Our coffee came up right away. It is priced separately at $1.89 for a bottomless cup. Our orders were in promptly and the wait for our piping hot food seemed reasonable. A nice surprise too considering how busy they were on this Labour Day Monday.

Our guest had the Mexican Benedict with salsa, jalapenos, cheddar cheese and guacamole sauce. It was made with 2 poached eggs on top of a toasted English muffin with hollandaise sauce and served with home fries and baked beans. All for $9.99.

Our guest said he enjoyed it very much. His only comment was that the hollandaise sauce had started to separate and was a bit on the thick side but it didn't stop him from going all the way.

The mister went for the Gourmet Omelette with grilled zucchini, roasted red pepper, roasted garlic and Asiago cheese. It was made with 3 eggs and served with home fries, baked beans and toast. He chose rye. All this for $10.95.

He too was happy with his choice and also spoke well of the home fries.

I chose the Vegetarian Omelette with tomato, zucchini, red onion, mushrooms and green pepper. Like all the omelettes, it too was made with 3 eggs and served with home fries, baked beans and toast. I chose brown. All of this for $9.99.

I like my omelette to be cooked but not to the point of having the browned skin exterior. I have asked many places many times but it always comes out the same as everyone else's omelette. Browned up. I didn't bother asking this time. I really wish it was some how a choice that chef's could deliver. I usually safely retreat to the choice of soft poached eggs to save the bother but this time I was attracted to all the choice goodies coming with this vegetarian omelette. And it really was nicely done. I didn't share the mister's delight in the home fries. I am not sure how they were prepared, but they were too greasy for me. I should have slid them his way.

None of us were fans of the baked beans.

We all liked the place. The service was terrific. In the kitchen and front of the house. Our server was keen, attentive to refills of the liquids and pretty darn cheerful. She did ask why I was taking pictures and who did I work for. In a curious way. I was looking for something clever to say in return but it didn't come to me. So she had to settle for the truth. An unpaid, interested food blogger from Ottawa.

Having been inundated in Ottawa with the Cora's breakfast chain and feeling like it has lost its original home town charm now, we were happy to be in a breakfast place that is local, thinks local and delivers that local charm we were craving.

The breakfasts weren't under priced and I half expected the coffee to be included but we weren't to quibble since we got what we came for. A full belly of a predictable brunch selection, prepared well and presented with a smile.

Could this be a regular go to breakfast place whenever we are back in town? Why yes, I think so.

Rise Shine Family Restaurant
373 Bridge Street West, Unit 4
Waterloo, Ontario
Owner & Operator: Marios Stavrou
Owner & Manager: Christa Simon

Mon to Sat: 7 am - 3 pm
Sun: 8 am - 3 pm

Eat in; Take Out

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