Saturday, September 25, 2010

Roots and Shoots Farm - 13th week of CSA Food

This week's CSA basket from Roots and Shoots Farm was particularly purple. Purple happens to be my favourite, so it was easy to feel good about it all.

Usually as pick-up day approaches, I do start to feel a bit anxious, wondering what will be in store for us this time and what will we do with it. I so hate to waste food and I also want to try to be creative. But the feeling of trepidation is starting to fade as we become more and more familiar with such treats as the Red Russian Kale and the Rainbow Swiss Chard.

The summer has just flown by and as half-share owners, this is our penultimate food basket.

Bin #1: Easter Egg Radishes

Bin #2: Onions and Potatoes

Bin #3: Swiss Chard

Bin #4: Red Russian Kale

Bin #5: Beets

Bin #6: Lettuce

Bin 7: Red Cabbage

Bin # 8: Delicata Squash and Acorn Squash

If you want to learn more about the farm, the contact information for Roots and Shoots is:

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