Friday, July 16, 2010

Showcasing Michael Smith's Caramel Sauce on Grilled Pineapple

We have gone a bit fruit crazy of late. It must be a mid-summer harvest thing. Not that I actually harvested pineapple but I was attracted to it when I saw it earlier this week. Once I 'skinned' it, it was clear that it was plenty ripe and needed a party. With company over last night, we decided to grill it on the barbecue.

Now how to finish it. The strawberries had a wee soak in Grand Marnier and the blueberries were getting a dollop of whipped cream. So the naked grilled pineapple signed up for caramel sauce. I have sauced grilled pineapple before and it had a rummy flavour to it. This time I wanted plain and classic. Michael Smith did not let me down. I have never made a classic caramel sauce before. Who would have thought. I will be doing it again. So easy. I think next time I will try a little less cream and see if it comes out even thicker.

Author: Michael Smith
Source: Food Network

1/2 cup water
1 cup sugar
1 cup 35% whipping cream
1 tablespoon vanilla

Pour the water into a saucepan then pour the sugar in a pile in the middle of the water. Turn the heat to medium-high heat and begin cooking without stirring. The sugar will dissolve in the water and begin to boil. The water will evaporate, leaving behind a pure sugar syrup that will then begin to rise in temperature, past the boiling point of water, and into the flavour zone.

When the sugar begins to lightly brown here and there, gently swirl the pan until all of the sugar is a deep golden brown. Carefully pour in the cream and vanilla and whisk until smooth. Cool until thickened or serve hot!

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