Thursday, July 15, 2010

Roots and Shoots Farm - 3rd week of CSA Food

Tonight was our pickup night again for the Roots and Shoots Farm's CSA food. This was their week #3. We participate with a half share every other week so this was just our second food offering. The colours alone get me. We have an exciting week ahead of trying new things. I welcome any and all suggestions on what to do with the bounty.

If you want to understand more about CSA's, the Ottawa Citizen did an article in today's paper.

Bin #1 and #2: beans, zucchini, pepper, basil and mustard greens (mizuna)


Beans, zucchini, pattypan squash and pepper. (We actually received more beans but this is what I pulled out for dinner.)

Mustard greens (mizuna)

Bin #3 and #4: Easter egg radishes and head of lettuce

Easter egg radishes

Head of lettuce

Bin #5 and #6: onions and carrots



Bin #7 and #8: Red Russian kale and bok choy

Red Russian kale

Bok choy

Bin #9: Endive


If you want to learn more about the farm, the contact information for Roots and Shoots is:


  1. That is a beautiful CSA share! I am so jealous.
    (and am jealous of the book club too!)

  2. Marysol: I am pretty excited about the kale thanks to you. I want to try 'crisping' it! I think tonight might be pesto. It seems like SO MUCH food. But we pluck away at it in between all our going out. My book club is 10 years old. Who knows anybody for 10 years anymore? Just imagine what we have been through together. Great gals.

  3. Thank you for the great blog post! We're working hard out on the farm, it is awesome to hear/read how our crops are being enjoyed in the community.

  4. Hi Robin: It is easy to blog about great produce. Congrats on such a successful summer at the farm.


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