Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hintonburger - The Perfect 'Last Supper' Before The Barron River Canyon

Last Friday evening, we had a chef in our home preparing a many course meal for 3 couples celebrating the same number of years of wedded bliss. You know, fancy dishes with words on the menu like lobster and nage and minus 8 gastrique and fennel pollen. That wonderful evening seems like a life time ago already as we are being whisked along at top speed on the magic carpet ride called life. Since then it has been special evening leftovers and not a whole lot of new fancy foods happening here. I still feel stuffed. I still feel tipsy!

The mister and the teenager are now in the throws of packing up for a multi-day canoe trip through the Barron River Canyon in Algonquin Park. Male bonding. No room for me. The kitchen and table have been taken over by piles of meal planning, camping style. No lobster. No nage. No minus 8 gastrique. No fennel pollen. I didn't really see anywhere for me to create their 'last supper' in that jungle. Their internal dinner bells clanged off around 6:45 pm and the response needed to be instant. The teenager suggested sushi. That just seemed way too urban for pre-camping. Time to set the mood for it all. I suggested the Hintonburger.

The buzz going on about the Hintonburger has been remarkable. A buzz that seems almost on par with the newly opened Taylor's Genuine Food & Wine Bar in Old Ottawa South. How does that happen? When you see this place it is a cross between Jean Burger's near Wakefield and the chip truck at Sunnyside and Bank. You are not going to the Hintonburger for the decor.

It seems everyone has been writing about it and two particular write-ups have done a great job of capturing the history behind its inception and aspects of the business that are particularly important to its identity - organic meat from O'Brien's farm, fresh ingredients from the local Parkdale Market, home-cut fries. Must reads if you want to get the true sense of the Hintonburger. I draw your attention to Ottawa blogger Apartment613's July 12, 2010 entry called Restaurant Watch: The Hintonburger, and also an Ottawa Citizen article by Nicki Thomas called A Burger Joint Blooms in Hintonburg.

Could this be the new Webers that found burger fame near Orillia? Time will tell.

Their smallest burger at 4 ounces, the Armstrong, was all I could muster tonight. ($4.50 taxes in.) I added a small fry for $2.50. Having seen a number of pictures posted on blogs and also Ottawa Foodies, I was thrilled to see that my fries were actually a lot darker. I love them well cooked. Most chip trucks have a small fry at $3.00 or even $3.50, so the Hintonburger's small fry is a deal. I am sure it will help to draw in business and keep them coming back. Next time I will go for the value fry at $1.75. A better size for my appetite. The teenager is very interested in trying their poutine. Tonight his side was a small onion ring at $3.00 and he was very pleased. The small is still a handsome size. He did not finish. Both males went all out with the 6 ounce Hintonburger which came loaded with cheese, bacon and their signature BBQ sauce. They too went for all available toppings (lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, banana peppers, ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish) All 3 hamburgers were baby wipes messy and super gooey yummy.

I considered taking pictures as it always seems to help a blog entry to have many pictures. But I have seen pictures of Hintonburger burgers and they are downright messy and don't seem to exude a 'come hither' about them. Though I have to say Lord of the Wings' methodical and academic labeling of said burger specimen was most thorough. I just couldn't see the Queen chowing down on one though.

So with belly's full of the signature Hintonburger hamburger, some fries and rings, the canoers have upped their food game to such fare as filet mignon and egg-a-muffins as they make their way through the Barron River Canyon. I just hope the bears are looking for a lesser menu.

The Hintonburger
991 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, Ontario
Facebook Fan Page
Twitter: @Hintonburger
Website: www.hintonburger.ca

Summer Hours:
Sun to Thurs: 11 am - 9pm
Fri and Sat: 11 am - 11 pm

Winter Hours:
Sun: 12 pm - 7 pm
Mon to Thurs: 12 pm - 8 pm
Fri and Sat: 12 pm - 9 pm

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