Friday, September 7, 2012

LCBO Food & Drink Magazine - Autumn Issue 2012

I didn't get all giddy about the Summer issue of Food & Drink at the end of June but they sure made it up to me this time! It's been 2 days and I am still pouring over Autumn's offerings.

First, let me gush some hometown pride at seeing The Wellington Gastropub of Ottawa featured in Pub Bites by Nancy Won. We have been going to The Welly since it opened in 2006. For us it short lists as a place to go for special occasions as well. No dress code here. The special is all about the great food.

Second, it warmed me to read James Chatto calling out Kiln Haus Raisins, Canada's first native raisin, in the Trend Spotting feature. I first read about the Reif Estate Winery raisins in a Maclean's Magazine article last February. A competitor to the ubiquitous California raisin means I can now make a '100 mile butter tart' if I can get my hands on the naked ones. Am I wrong to think I may have seen them at McEwan Foods? Anyone spotted the wee gems in their neighbourhood yet? (I can't wait until they change their Facebook presence from a Group to a Page.)

Third, Toronto-based Andrea Damon Gibson of Fred's Bread is profiled by Cynthia David in Spotlight. Her wonderful bread products have made their way to Ottawa. I have enjoyed a loaf from Grace in the Kitchen in Kanata. In fact, right now I am snacking on a Red Fife Whole Wheat JoyStyx that I picked up at 42 Crichton Street Fine Foods. Andrea and her team are super busy as the website is a wee bit out of date. And no amount of scouring will turn them up on Facebook or Twitter. Yet. The bread is premium priced and it's popularity is growing.

Rarely do I mention a specific recipe from an issue beyond the Top Picks list but I was wooed by Gooey Maple Butter Tarts in Raisin the Bar by Nicole Young. Curiosity is running high. Are they as good as Marion Kane's famed recipe? Or that of Dana McCauley? Or mine?

If you are looking for the Playlist, it appears to be no more. Part of the changes for 'a new look' and 'a few tweaks' shared by Editor, Jody Dunn. I am going to miss the Shurman/Torno theming as they set us up for seasonal party times.

My top recipe picks:
  • Lamb Tagine (From Raisin the Bar by Nicole Young)
  • Brûléed Lemon Pie (From Sweetie Pies by Victoria Walsh)
  • Onion Flowers (From Making The Cut by Lucy Waverman)
  • Autumn Squash Chowder (From Pub Bites by Nancy Won)
  • Tomato Balsamic Relish (From Preserving Nature by Tonia Wilson)
  • Chewy Date and Seed Bars (From Seeds by Eshun Mott)
  • Black Sesame Crackers with Black Garlic Fig Jam & Ash-Covered Goat Cheese (From Black Beauties by Christopher St. Onge) *** [Know that Major Craig's will have Canadian Black Garlic available for sale in December. I tried some at the Perth Garlic Festival. It's great. ***]

Plan ahead:
The Holiday issue hits the stores in 9 weeks on Wednesday, November 7th.

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