Friday, August 31, 2012

Roots and Shoots Farm - 10th Week of CSA Food 2012

The CSA baskets from Roots and Shoots just keeping better and better! I am feeling a bit melancholy though. The start of September marks a changing season and our remaining weeks of baskets are dwindling.

We have done well using our produce but it is still a bit of a race to make sure none goes to waste and that it is used well.

I have enjoyed helping out at the Roots and Shoots Farm 'pavilion' for their first two weeks at the Westboro location of the Ottawa Farmers' Market. A great way to catch up with my neighbours, fellow CSA members and meet new food loving friends.

We loved how everyone within hearing distance would pitch in to share their ideas on how to best care for the new purchases and their favourite way to cook them up. The most common advice I doled out was "Don't be a beet boiler!" I hope there are a few converts to roasting them and keeping the nutrition packed inside.

I was not surprised when the kale sold out week 2. It has become so popular as the morning smoothie core ingredient. Kale is the new ! How would you answer that? Super food? Kale and quinoa!

My big surprise news flash is that my mister really doesn't like string beans. Not green, yellow or purple beans. We have been married forever and I am finding this out now? Their is a silver lining though. This week's beans are all mine.

Have you found a new favourite in your basket or at the Farmers' Market?

[green and purple beans]

[cooking onions and a red onion]



[romaine lettuce]

[red, golden and candy cane beets]

[delicata squash]



[savoy cabbage]


[lipstick peppers, green peppers, jalepeño peppers]

If you want to learn more about the farm, the contact information for Roots and Shoots Farm is:
facebook: Roots and Shoots Farm
twitter: RootsShootsFarm

They also sell at a number of markets around the city, including the Ottawa Farmers' Market on Sunday at Brewer Park. 8 am to 3 pm. Their Saturday markets are: Kanata, Manotick and Westboro.

[Disclaimer: Many have noticed that I write quite frequently about Roots and Shoots Farm. I have no connection to this business other than as a 3rd season CSA customer and pitching in as a volunteer. My comments are my own. I do not do sponsored posts. Roots and Shoots Farm has never asked me to write about their farm. I did this post because I love their food. I receive nothing in return for waxing poetic about their great produce.]

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