Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Under Your Hat

As I stood behind your chair, I looked down at you sitting with your back so straight and your shoulders so square. I saw a spot on the top of your hat. It was hard to tell if it was a fabric feature or maybe a stain, of all things, flung from enthusiastic food enjoyed by one of your beautifully talented five children.

Was that spot a blemish or just part of the hat's style? That hat becomes you. Like so many of your well-chosen wardrobe pieces, you carry colour and unique lines well on your petite, fit figure.

Your eyes seem a wee bit tired this day but your smile camouflaged whatever story they might be telling. Your 'always' smile says confident, calm and caring.

And then you show me under your hat. You tell me about your 'male pattern baldness' that may take as much as a year to push 'north'. You show me your crown of soft, sparse chick fluff. You do the reveal with your confident, calm and caring smile still spread wide.

When you lift your hat, some will see the uneven short, short hair. But what is really under your hat, dear friend? A head that is full of great knowledge and wisdom which continues to make sound judgements. Eyes that see the future bright and colourful. Ears that hear the constant chatter of many family and friends near. And not too far south, a strong beating heart both giving and receiving the richest of love.

When you show me under your hat, I see you.


  1. You see beauty and truth. Thanks for sharing your words and wisdom. This is a beautiful post that gave me chills.

    1. Shari: Thanks for your kind words. So many of us have been touched by a special someone in our lives who has worn 'the hat'.


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