Monday, May 28, 2012

Fontenelle Restaurant

If you wait long enough, your mid-century modern sense of decor will come back into vogue again. Well, at least the formica table tops, vinyl-covered booth seats and sit-up counter stools. I am not sure that the velvet wall art will ever be more than kitsch.

Such as it is at the Fontenelle Restaurant on 55 Montreal Road, across from the Bingo Hall. Frozen in time.

Breakfast starts at 4 am and the place closes up at the end of lunch hour at 3:00 pm. It is open 7 days a week.

Although, not quite 60's pricing, they are one of the cheaper breakfast deals in town. This morning, we were the only newbies. The regular patrons were given a familiar greeting when they made their way to their preferred pew.

I was charmed by the waitress's casual way of collecting all the order details without pen and paper, let alone repeating it back. She seems like the kind of gal that will ask me next time if I want the usual. Me thinks she has worked here a while.

I chose the one egg option with one meat (choice of bacon, ham, bologna and sausages) and two sides (choice of home fries, tomatoes or beans). It comes with a refill of coffee, toast (white or brown) and a jam. All for $5.60. I hear that if you want onions in your home fries, you just need to ask.

The plates arrived within minutes. (Crikey. An hour on the parking meter was way over estimating this visit.)

You won't find them on the internet. No website. No Facebook. No Twitter. None of that stuff was invented back then. So how are they still doing a steady business? The mid-century modern way - good old-fashioned word of mouth.

Fontenelle Restaurant
55 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario

Mon - Sun: 4:00 am - 3:00 pm

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  1. Sounds charming in an old-fashioned way and great value. Did you like the food?

    1. How can you go wrong with a poached egg if you have made it a bazillion times for the last 60 years? I kid. I somehow feel like I am being healthy when I pick the poached and the tomato and the brown toast. The home fries were a real treat because they were 'home fries', not from a bag and deep-fried. The sausages were sin. I didn't expect 3 big ones. Never know what is the 'healthy' choice on that one. Will likely do bacon if we are back that way. Though the neighbour's bacon seemed to be piled a mile high. And as for the coffee, it was strong diner coffee. Better than weak church coffee but not in with my fav coffee houses in town.

  2. Thanks so much for this review! I love the sign on Montreal Rd and kept meaning to peek inside and see what they offer! Will definitely have to go and have their breakfast!

    This part of the street is charming - I also want to eat at El Toucan. Did you see Local Tourist Ottawa's mention:

    So happy to see the great places in Vanier being profiled!

    1. Katherine: Thank you for stopping in to read the blog! Vanier has its own personality and is full of food gems. I am happy for your tip to check out El Toucan. Thanks for that.


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