Friday, May 25, 2012

Bin 790 Tapas and Wine Lounge in Kanata - Shuttered

Bin 790 Tapas and Wine Lounge in Kanata's Centrum shopping plaza has been shuttered. The bailiff's notice of May 10 is posted on the door beside their empty patio area.

This was our go-to place when I did movie night with my west-end gal pals. The film flick would be dissected over a glass of wine and a few nibbles. My last time out, I enjoyed their fish tacos.

I looked on Urbanspoon this morning and of the 274 voters, 83% liked the place. There are two blog posts. One by Carie and she really liked it. One by FoodiePrints. They didn't like it. Other restaurant review sites seemed to be generally positive.

Bin 790 just celebrated their second anniversary December 19, 2011. They were voted Best Restaurant in Kanata for 2010 at the Kanata Chamber of Commerce People's Choice Awards ceremony in February 2011. They were nominated again the following year.

I am left wondering, so what happened?

Bin 790 stood apart from the multinational food chains dotting the asphalt of the Centrum acreage. They strived to share local fare. As an example, Seed to Sausage out of Sharbot Lake was on their charcuterie board, along with The Elk Ranch.

Kanata must be nearing 100,000 people. When not patronizing the food chains, where is this town going for their dining experience? Are they heading into Ottawa's downtown core?

We are reminded again that restauranteuring is very risky business and when a place closes suddenly, there is collateral damage.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more that it is a shame when a good (and locally owned) restaurant goes under. Bin 790 not only had a good selection of local food and wine, but the restaurant also had a very warm atmosphere, no doubt thanks to the wonderful staff; many who had been there since the restaurant’s opening.

    While I am unsure of the reasons behind the closing of Bin 790, I am happy to tell you that a new restaurant will be filling Bin’s place and will be bringing with it the best of Bin 790. Much of the Bin 790 staff is excited to work with new ownership to get back into their old location while bringing with them, the best of Bin’s old menu and wine selection. The new restaurant, Aperitivo will feature similar tapas dishes, offer full entrees as well as a new selection of proper drink pairings.

    Aperitivo’s goal will be to re-energize and invigorate any Foodies.

    New ownership and old Bin 790 staff hope you and your gal pals will join them when the doors re-open!



    1. Good luck with the upcoming opening of Apertivo. It is certainly a challenge to be in the food industry. It sounds like we can look forward to the parts of Bin 790 that you thought worked well, mixed with your take of what you feel needs to be changed. Lucky Kanata to have a new place there in the Centrum so soon! Love to hear your plans on your selection of local foods and wine. Any hint as to when we can expect an opening?


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