Monday, August 1, 2011

Stella Luna Gelato Café - A Quick Lick

Classy. Refreshing. Very classy and refreshing. Very classy and refreshing gelato.

The much anticipated Stella Luna Gelato Café finally opened yesterday in Old Ottawa South at 1103 Bank Street, just south of Sunnyside.

The buzz has been building as we have been reading about it's overdue opening, first in the May edition of Old Ottawa South's community paper, The Oscar (Page 9), then recently in the blogs of Ottawa Magazine and Apt613. They even received enthusiastic mention when Ottawa Magazine's food editor Shawna Wagman talked about her ice cream article on CBC Radio's All In A Day with Alan Neal July 26.

I had a chance to talk briefly with Alessandro Giuliani yesterday. It is clear he is very proud to be supporting, his wife Tammy, in her new endeavour. He re-emphasized the importance they place on using the very best of ingredients. In particular, the hazelnuts of Piemonte and the pistachios of Sicily. He is very pleased with the roomy layout of the store. He says it comfortably seats 36 in any type of setting. There is banquette seating, a sit up bar, wing chair groupings and then a few round tables in the front of the store.

I had a medium for $4.25. Once again my eyes were bigger than my appetite but I made it to the bottom of the cup. Happiness in every bite. A small goes for $3.25 and a large goes for $5.25. A waffle cone is extra. They also offer take home tubs for $8.50 (half litre) and $15.95 (litre).

While I was there, the bake counter was largely ignored as we all crowded around the cooler with the 24 flavours of gelato. But clearly someone had taken a taste, as a number of the plates of baked goods only held crumbs. I had my eye on the almond torte.

Our choices last night were: Piemonte Hazelnut and Sicilian Pistachio for me; Cioccarancio (chocolate and orange) and Ruby Peach Lavender for the mister. We tasted each other's choices and had a hard time picking a favourite of the four.

The also had 'two leaves and a bud' teas and Blasercafé coffee beans available.

Owner, Tammy Giuliani, recently made a youtube video with her husband, Alessandro, announcing the store's opening on the Civic Holiday long weekend.

Stella Luna painted an excellent first impression. We look forward to returning to try more gelato flavours but to also experience what other food stuffs may be coming from their kitchen. This is a meeting place for the community of Old Ottawa South. A meeting place works very well when it can be accompanied by great tastes!

Tammy and Alessandro have a very dreamy, romantic story about how they first met and then committed to a lifetime of happiness together. Read all about it on the website. It is no surprise that their new place would make for a great couples outing. I wonder how many proposals will they have in their store after just 3 dates?

Here is just a quick glimpse into Stella Luna from our hurried visit last night.

Tasting process already well underway. Clearly we exercise different attack strategies.

Stella Luna Gelato Café
1103 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario
facebook: Stella Luna Gelato Café
twitter: StellaLunaCafe

Tues to Sun: 8 am - 10 pm

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  1. Stella Luna Gelato Cafe is hands down my new favorite spot in Ottawa... and maybe even in the world! I've tried the blood orange, frostberry, pear, pistachio, coffee, and pina colada and they were all amazing!!! Tammy is so dedicated to producing high quality gelato that you can taste the difference. I love SLGC and all its staff! <3

  2. Dominique: SLGC has won me over too. We went again tonight after watching an Italian movie at the Bytowne. I had Raspberry and also Lemon Sorbet. The mister had Cuban Chocolate and Toasted Almonds. Some different flavours from the other night. I saw that Pistachio is 'back ordered' waiting my Pistachios from Sicily!

  3. My best friend and I really love trying to go out to new places and this cafe is by far the best one we've been to. Gelato was amazing soft delicious and waffle with fruit as well and whipped cream hmm... It was so ... Good and the decor of it all the place the food made it so much more worth it. Definitley worth the trip as it was a bit far for us but it was a perfect place to go and relax. I highly recommend it.


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