Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'Choose Your Own Garlic' fundraiser at Silver Spring Farm

The 15th annual 'Choose Your Own Garlic' fundraiser at Silver Spring Farm started today at 9:30 am out at 3501 Richmond Road. (Where it meets up with Baseline Road.)

They said they have between 30,000 and 40,000 bulbs to sell. They expect they will be all sold out in a weeks time. Last year the crop was smaller and they sold out in 3.5 days.

They sell only the Music garlic. It is a hardnecked, porcelain garlic and grows well in our climate.

The bulbs are sorted and priced by size. They range from $1.50/bulb, 3 bulbs for 2$, $3/bulb and $4/bulb.

Also, the braids ranged in size so also in pricing. I saw braids from $12 up to $32. They have done up gift braids too for $7.

New this year is a $5 cup of garlic cloves. Sometimes the larger bulbs come out of the ground with the cloves spreading and starting to come off the bulb. They can't sell the incomplete bulbs along with the others so they have cupped up the cloves for a special deal.

I didn't do much thinking about the pricing as this is a fundraiser. I bought 3 cups of the loose cloves. It weighed in at 390 grams. There were 45 cloves in total and some were so large they were essentially the size of half a bulb.

Our plan is to mince the garlic, cover it in extra virgin olive oil to be jarred and refrigerated for 30 days. It can also be stored in the freezer for 3 to 4 months. Read more about how to safely preserve garlic in olive oil.

Any cloves that we don't peel and mince will be stored in a paper bag in a dry, dark, cool location. No putting them in the fridge.

Scape lovers might be interested to know that the farm's scapes are sold locally at the Metro in Bells Corners and Kanata at the beginning of July. Something to watch out for next year.

If you are interested in supporting this worthwhile cause, make time in the next few days to go out to Silver Spring Farm. I have started the peeling and the cloves are a beautiful white. So fresh. You will be pleased.

Readers can call the Garlic Hotline at 613-569-8993 ext. 409 for updates on the sale and also for hours of operation.

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