Thursday, July 28, 2011

Roots and Shoots Farm - 5th Week of CSA Food 2011

This week I have set out a few objectives for our CSA food basket.

* Have my camera more on the ready to document our delicious dishes. I am constantly inspired when I see pictures of what others are eating and I also want to share in the love.

* Try roasting my beets on a cedar plank on the BBQ. I had heard of a very similar idea from food stylist, Ruth Gangbar, late last year. I have not forgotten about her recipe and it is still gnawing at me to give it a try! (Thank you for the inspiration, Ruth!!) When I picked out my beets, there as only one bunch of the candy cane beets in the box. I took them in a flash. They are going to be so pretty. Danny and Jess promised me that they would be sweet too.

* Make napa cabbage coleslaw. It has been forever since we have made coleslaw. And never with napa cabbage. We have the ingredients we need in this basket to make a winning dish.

* Try a new recipe for kale. I have been waiting too long to make the kale slaw recipe in the Summer issue of the LCBO Food & Drink magazine. It is on my must-try wishlist! I am debating between using my Russian red kale for that dish, but I am also finding the temptation to make kale chips very strong. Who will win out?

* Make recipes from the Roots and Shoots Farm the newsletter this week. They have some great ideas for fennel. We have often used fennel for a slaw type salad. Lets check out what is 'cooking' on the farm!

That is probably enough objectives for this week!

On a closing note, Food Day is this coming Saturday, July 30th. I hope you can have the opportunity to celebrate the day with food. Local food. Why not gather friends and family and salute our great fortune of bountiful food here in Canada. Salute the farmers who brought it to your table. It is truly a humbling experience to have so much.

Do you have any plans/objectives for your food basket? Are you making any special plans for Food Day this Saturday? If you sat down at my CSA dinner table, which plate would you want in front of you?


Beets (candy cane)




Bunched arugula

Napa cabbage



Head lettuce

Russian red kale

If you want to learn more about the farm, the contact information for Roots and Shoots Farm is:


  1. I'm jealous of your candy cane beets ;) I'm going to try that cedar plank recipe.

    Plans thhis week
    Some of the argula is going on top of a BBQ pizza, not sure with what else.
    Fennel and napa cabbage slaw.
    Zucchini fritters for girls night tonight
    And most likely the Kale will end up on the breakfast table on Sunday.

  2. Ari: I sense you will get to planking the beets before me. Let us know how it all works out. We have been going a bit BBQ pizza crazy lately and I like your idea of using the basket yummies on the pizza. Goat cheese planned with that arugula? If you do goat cheese and feel like a real treat, try the Clarmell goat cheese. Piggy Market carries it as does the Bekings in the Byward Market. You are making me hungry!!!!!!


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