Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 1 of the Ground Cherry Tomato Plant from Vicki's Veggies, Prince Edward County

Today is Day 1 for my Ground Cherry tomato plant. [Sweet, citrus flavoured. 1 - 2 cm fruit with papery husk.]

We have friends that are absolutely faithful about attending Vicki's Veggies Spring Seedling Sale every Victoria Day weekend for heirloom tomato seedling plants. Vicki's Veggies has garnered quite a reputation for her specimens. The farm is located in Prince Edward County near the Black River Cheese Factory.

Lucky for me that our friends' seedling to garden acreage ratio meant that there were leftover plants. So last night I headed over to pick up my new gift for full adoption. Today I carefully selected an open spot in the backyard garden where I anticipated the most sun and then gently transplanted it into rich black soil. Now the rest is up to mother nature. Though, I have been told there is regular grooming required to ensure height, appropriate fullness and a bounty of flowers.

I also added a cage to assist it as it expands, but also to protect it from the elements - rushing children, big dogs (we have neither but they exist at close proximity), rabbits (possibly could work), and general vermin. Anyway, this is the extent of my vegetable garden this year so I was willing to go that extra mile for G8/G20 level security measures. I have actually grown quite attached to the little fellow already. Perhaps he will get a name. Something catchy like Charlie.

If you are interested in picking up seedlings from Vicki's Veggies (family farmed, fresh and chemical free), the heirloom tomato seedling sale runs the weekend of May 29th and 30th as well.

What have you planted in your garden this year?

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