Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Roots and Shoots Farm - 12th Week of CSA Food 2013

Any guesses on the weight of my latest CSA share from Roots and Shoots Farm?  I didn't put it on the scale, but I can tell you it was HEAVY. Even without that gorgeous watermelon.

The basket came on Thursday, just as we were getting ready for a quick trip to Montreal which was just before the mister headed back to his work away from Ottawa.  The darling son has been absent for many dinners too and so it has been up to me to make a dent in this great food.

I have to tell you, I am getting pretty overwhelmed.  I've decided that the squash can keep for a bit as can the potatoes.

The garlic is long gone. As are the onions.  Red peppers and zucchini became filling for omelettes.  Red peppers and carrots were also used raw in the darling son's work lunches. I have used the tomatoes in guacamole and mile high tomato sandwiches.  I have had a few cucumbers and carrots as raw snacky foods too.

Slowly I am getting bites into this great basket but I feeling intimated.  I don't want to waste any of it or let it go bad.

I am seriously considering switching to a Wednesday pickup location just to give myself another day ahead of the weekends to get a handle on it all. We have been away for many weekends this summer and it is messing with my CSA basket food plans.  When I have been visiting in other people's homes, prepared food has been coming with me but this plan doesn't work so well when it comes to hotel getaways.

How are you coping with your basket?

2 peppers (I chose red)
5 small zucchinis
4 cucumbers
2 quarts of tomatoes
1 head of garlic
2 white onions
2 delicata squash
6 potatoes
purple basil
bunch of greens

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  1. This must be the most gorgeous CSA basket I have ever seen! Ever!


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