Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ottawa Has Strawberries!

Baskets of bright red, juicy, sweet strawberries are dotting food stands around the Nations Capital.

My regular spot for strawberry shopping each year is at the Shouldice Berry Farm & Market's roadside location at Richmond at Woodroffe (easy access from Byron).

My 4 litre basket cost $16.  2 litre baskets were going for $9.  They also sold quarts.

After filling my belly, the remaining berries went into the pot as I made 4 jars of strawberry sauce that I actually use as a jam.  This recipe is a favourite because it doesn't have as much sugar as most conventional jams and also does not use pectin.

We were quick to enjoy our jam on some homemade rhubarb ice cream.  A traditional match.

How about you? Having the berry bug? I am curious to know where others are buying strawberries and what type of pricing are you experiencing. Where are the deals?

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