Monday, May 13, 2013

Beech St. Burger - Juicy!

Beech St. Burger is a small eatery in Little Italy next door to Greco Lean and Fit Beech St. location.  Might you feel a little guilty chowing down on a juicy burger, knowing you could be better off next door? You might.

The Beech St. Burger location replaces the short lived Danni Panini which before that was the Nicholas Coffee Shop. Can they make a go of it?  Their timing is right.  If you're going to open a burger shop, do it when the smell of BBQ's permeate us as the warmer days of summer move in.

Under Greco's shadow, I was frugal in my choice. I picked the smaller, single patty Baby Burger.  No cheese. No bacon. Of course, I loaded up on the salad toppings - lettuce, tomato, onion, hot peppers, pickles, plus small dabs of ketchup, mustard, relish and mayo. All for $6. I also, restrained with a more than ample small fry for $2.50. No fizzy drink.

The burger was juicy and flavourful - advertised as "Fresh Local Beef Handmade Patties". Although my bun looked a bit beat up, it was plenty fresh. Just a victim of a tight wrap.  A small detail but I favour the sesame bun. I loved the "Fresh Cut Fries" as well.  Next time I would happily share the spilling box with a friend.

Seating is probably a very tight twenty. And the open grilling and frying area is part of that ambiance.

The experience reminded me of visits to the nearby Hintonburger on Wellington Street. Making me wonder if their overflow of burger popularity might have fans venturing the 2 kms/4 minute drive to Beech St.

Burger season is here and so is Beech St. Burger.

* UPDATE:  Before you head out to Beech St. Burger, check out their super cool ad. *

Beech St. Burger
40 Beech Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Facebook: Beech St. Burger
Twitter: @BeechStBurger

Sun to Thurs: 11 am - 9 pm
Fri and Sat: 11 am - 11 pm

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  1. I also love Beech Burger. Found out about it on another person's Twitter. Chose what you ate as well and found it delish! Burger juicy, just the way I enjoy eating it.

    Next time my husband and I had the Friday-only fish and chips. This time we ate right beside Greco's, on the BB patio. I must say I did feel a little guilty but not for long!

    1. Beverley, I've heard good things about the Friday only fish and chips from others. Sounds like you would recommend them too! Right now my favourite fish and chips are a bit of a drive - Le Resto, Chelsea, QC. Might be nice to find something closer to home.

    2. Hi again, I've been to Le Resto and would agree with you! In fact we were at their Boucanerie on Saturday to pick up some smoked salmon. Delish.

      I also really like Petit Bills and the new Elmdale for fish and chips. So much good food to eat here.


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