Monday, January 21, 2013

Smokehouse Chowder from the Chelsea Smokehouse

I don't know who makes the takeout chowder at the Chelsea Smokehouse near Chelsea, Quebec, but it is high quality and rich in flavour. While food tripping in Quebec yesterday, the stop into the Smokehouse was purely by accident as I was actually on my way to Le Resto for lunch.

Their coolers are brimming with anything smoked. Fishes galore and sausages too.


As I waited my turn, needing to beg for directions, impulse grabbed hold and I went for the chowder.  It was $15 for a litre and it was filled with salmon, cod, halibut, clams, bacon, fish stock, roux, celery, onion, red pepper, carrot, fennel, bay leaf, sambal, salt, pepper, chevril and cream.  And I swear I saw a piece of potato or two.

A container will yield 3 or 4 non-mansize servings.

The toasted bread resting on the bowl's edge came from Boulangerie Aux Deux Frères in Aylmer. It was their Gruyère and Basil. A decent alternative to my regular Art-is-in Bakery Dynamite selection. A day later it was still full of freshness.

The Chelsea Smokehouse is located at 706 Route 105. Chelsea, QC. The Boulangerie Aux Deux Frères is located at 146, rue Principale, Aylmer (Gatineau), QC. Both are worth a visit.

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