Monday, January 14, 2013

LCBO Food & Drink Magazine - Holiday Issue 2012

Confused? The Holiday issue of LCBO Food & Drink Magazine came out at the beginning of November after all. I picked it up on release date and never really cracked the cover.  Did that happen to anyone else? The last of the Christmas decorations are being boxed up today. In and among the piles to be tidied, I found my old friend.

Although the party season has passed, shouldn't I look anyway? Often the Holiday issue has gems that suit just any old cold frosty day.  No need for tinsel to make it complete.  So for those of you early readers that may have forgotten about it's hidden treasures, consider a re-read to pull out some of the winter's bests.

My page corners are turned down at:
  • Chèvre & Pistachio Polenta Soufflé (From Pistachios by Victoria Walsh)
  • Rich Oxtail and Orzo Soup with Madeira (From Strong Marriages by Michael Fagen and Julia Aitken)
  • Coconut-Spiked Squash Soup (From Spicing Up Christmas by Victoria Walsh)
  • Creole Seafood Gumbo and Thai Seafood Cakes (From Twelve Nights by Marilyn Bentz-Crowley)
  • Lemon Grass & Lime Lobster Noodle Bowl (From Naughty or Nice by Jennifer MacKenzie)
  • Salad with Confit of Pears (From What's Fresh for dinner by Lucy Waverman)
I also enjoyed Flour Power by Robert Hercz. I did not know that the Romans produced the world's first white flour using fine sieves made of linen. Hercz's piece also includes a primer on a number of the types of flours.

And for those that like to know, the hefty Holiday issue, the biggest of the year, weighed in at only 855 grams.

Plan ahead: The Winter issue hits the stores in TWO DAYS on Wednesday, January 16th. 

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