Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LCBO Food & Drink Magazine - Spring Issue 2011

The Spring issue of the LCBO's Food & Drink Magazine is out!

My local LCBO now opens at 9:30 am and guess who was first in line to snatch up the new glossy?

After the Holiday Issue, this is probably my favourite. Not so much because of the expected great recipes, but for what it represents. The Spring issue gives hope that winter is ending and with it goes all this snow! With a snow fall warning in effect as we speak, I need all the 'uplifting' I can get.

Some inclusions did seem out of place though. I suppose someone at the magazine is VERY keen to move winter along when I find myself reading about wild leeks (ramps) and rhubarb! The Early Summer issue is coming out on April 27 and it struck me that What's Fresh For Dinner by Lucy Waverman may have been better suited for contemplation in 7 weeks time. Where does one find a wild leek in March??? Bless her for getting us juiced up.

I still found plenty of fresh recipes to get me thinking about spring and the brighter days ahead.

  • Sweet Pea Risotto Cake with Prosciutto Mascarpone Mousse (From Spring Fling by Christopher St. Onge)
  • Lobster Thermidor in Parmesan Phyllo Baskets (From Making The Most of Mustard by Marilyn Bentz-Crowley)
  • Pecan Bourbon Carrot Cake (From Carrots Take The Cake by Monda Rosenberg)
  • Spring Pea Soup with Toasted Almonds + Savoury Bacon Biscuits with Herb Butter (From Fun Family Brunch by Jennifer MacKenzie and Cobi Ladner)
  • Almond Oil Cake (From Untried But True by Christopher St. Onge)
I was nervous to see Whoopie Pies tucked into the pages. I hear it is the new cupcake. Yikes! Imagine Whoopie Pie stores popping up like dandelions all around town.

GOOD NEWS: Crate and Barrel's companion store, CB2 is coming to Toronto in the spring to the corner of Bathurst and Queen St. West.

Check out Natalie MacLean's Spring Wine & Cheese article where she pairs Chilean whites with some great cheeses. You will also want to brush up on the solid advice given for Hosting A Wine and Cheese.

The Spring Playlist is again by Rick Shurman and Earl Torno and available for purchase. They appear to have a continued fondness for Diana Krall, which I fully endorse! They included her Isn't This a Lovely Day? and I've Got You Under My Skin. Other favourites for me are Norah Jones, Boz Scaggs, Van Morrison and The Chieftains, and Eric Clapton.

Pick up your copy right away. Let it be your power play for getting out of this long winter alive!


  1. There is a Cannister on Page 66, I love it and it says William Ashley is the place the website does not show anything,,, any ideas?

  2. You are right, the William Ashley website was not much help. If you are in to online shopping, this jar dispenser with spigot seems similar if not the same. Good luck.

  3. yeah - I can't imagine woopie pies being the next cupcake!

  4. Since I moved to Ottawa, last July, I am first to pick up the Food & Wine also. In our Orleans store, the English copies are gone within 2 days. I must say that I love this issue. I want to try all of their carrot cakes.

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