Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Edgar - Menu Board Obliteration - Again

I was pleased that I made it to Edgar on their very last day of 2010 (December 23). It was well into the afternoon so I did have some concern as to what might still be available. Although I waltzed in the door after 2 pm, I was lucky to squeeze a spot on the last stool by the bar at the front window. The place was still packed with a lunch crowd.

Marysol spoiled me with 3 little taster pots of her special soups of the day. They were all great but I had no problem choosing the Spicy Carrot and Red Lentil Soup.

I then moved on to a panini. The BBQ chicken breast with sauce and jalapeno peppers. It was messy and good. Hopefully I wasn't being watched in the front window. Marysol knows me to be a fork and knife gal for even the most basic of finger foods. I should have insisted for this one. Did I mention that it was so good?

Coffee is my crack. But whenever I go to Edgar, I feel the strong urge to indulge in a Cha Yi tea. And again I went for the Rooibos Safari.

And now for the very STRESSFUL part of my visit!

As I approached the treats counter to find a partner for my tea, it was clear that many people had been there before me. But there were still a few nice choices remaining. I spotted the brioche I knew I had to have. There were just two left. Third in line for attention, I patiently waited, hoping I wasn't being preceded by brioche lovers. The lady at the cash was stocking up on EVERYTHING it seemed and it made the wait long. Just as she was pulling her wallet (hallelujah!), I see her intersect my glance. She caught me staring at the brioche. Oh, it gets worse. Here I was waiting in line long enough to have eaten that brioche in my imagination. I had savoured very bite. Every crumb. Every morsel. And what does that super shopper do? She speaks softly to Marysol in French that SHE wants brioche too. I didn't catch all her words. My bilingual status is still iffy. Did she want one or two? I was feeling pretty threatened. After all, she was really stocking up. She looked like someone who might not be settling for just one. Marysol's tongs reached high up on the plate. I go pale. There goes the brioche I had just eaten with my eyes. I had picked between the two and she took my brioche. The gentleman between me and super shopper saw the whole thing go down and I wondered if it was enough to make him consider brioche for his treat. I had to know. I asked him outright (but politely!) if he thought he might like the last brioche. Thankfully he shakes his head no. Did I seem intimidating? Was he now too afraid to take it? Simon stepped in and rescued me from my over anticipation. My brioche went to the oven to put a bit of warmth right to its core. And then it was mine!

This is my second ever brioche from Edgar. Which, if you knew how often I have frequented, shows great restraint. It was stuffed with cranberries, pecans and zests of orange. The cinnamon and corn syrupy sweetness proved to be the perfect glue. The orange icing on top, a royal cape. So much for being 'Missy Fork and Knife'. I went right at this thing like I was ripping at a lobster. It was the perfect end to my last 2010 Edgar visit. And I had had the last Edgar brioche of the decade! All mine. It was the consummate partner for my Cha Yi Rooibos Safari tea! (Cha Yi is nearby at 61 rue Eddy in Hull, and my next destination stop.)

Marysol and Simon still had a few hours to go to serve the last of their clientele for the year. Those stragglers would be greeted by yet another obliterated Edgar menu board. I hope the Edgar holiday break was restful. I patiently wait their return on Saturday January 8.

60 rue Bégin
Gatineau (Hull sector), Quebec

Update to Brunch hours (effective Oct 1, 2011)
Wed to Fri: 10 am - 6:30 pm
Sat: 10 am - 5 pm (Brunch 10 am - 2 pm)
Sun: 9:30 am - 5 pm (Brunch 9:30 am - 2 pm)
Mon and Tues: Closed

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  1. I can feel your brioche stress in this post. I wonder if anyone has been moved to violence over brioche.

  2. Psychgrad: I remember it all like it was yesterday. I just hope I kept a poker face through the whole ordeal.

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