Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Æbleskivers filled with michaelsdolce™ Raspberry & Orange Jam

The Danish pancakes balls called æbleskivers can be served as a breakfast treat or dressed up as a dessert. My post back in May details the construction process and shares my favourite batter recipe.

I recently tried Michael Sunderland's michaelsdolce™ Raspberry & Orange Jam to fill the centers of my æbleskivers. (Because of this, I skipped putting vanilla extract in the batter.)

After the batter was in the pan for a minute, I dropped a half teaspoon of this bright, vibrant jam into the middle. Raspberry and orange are two of my favourite flavours.

When I served them up, I couldn't resist drizzling a wee bit more jam onto the warm morsels. Orange zest, chocolate shavings and a dusting of icing sugar prettied up the plate.

If you are considering buying an æbleskiver pan, I recommend going to CA Paradis in Old Ottawa South or Hendrix near the Ikea plaza. They both carry the cast-iron Lodge Pro Logic æbleskiver pan.

If you are looking to try the many michaelsdolce™ jams, you can find them at close to a dozen stores in Ottawa and also now at Pusateri's Avenue Road store in Toronto. Check out his gorgeous website.


  1. Beautiful post & pics! Thanks for sending this our way, now if you could only send æbleskivers via link:)

  2. I'm thinking it is now time to make another batch! Thanks for visiting Michaela!


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