Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Henrietta's Pine Bakery - Muskoka Treats

Henrietta's Pine Bakery is located on Highway 60 at the junction of Highway 35 by the town of Dwight. It is in the northeast corner of the Muskokas, near the now very popular and sought after Lake of Bays.

Henrietta's has been a bit of a cottage country institution for some 50 plus years. I remember it fondly right from my first days of visiting this area. And like the cottage season they close up once the last leaves of Thanksgiving Weekend have blown south. I try to make a point of getting there at opening time (9:00 am) to guarantee the best selections. They close at 5:00 pm or when the last piece of deliciousness walks out the door. It is not unusual to arrive later in the day to be greeted by their "Sorry Closed All Sold Out" sign.

They are well known for their many choices of breads and pies, as well as baked goods. Their signature treats are their sticky buns and Muskoka Cloud.

When we stopped in for a visit recently, our plan was to pick up a collection of treats to be divided among four discerning treat tasters.

We picked (going clock-wise above), a Strawberry Danish, a Honey Almond, a Chinese Chew, a Carrot Cake and then a Caramel Fudge Brownie.

A very exacting survey was conducted and the Strawberry Danish and the Chinese Chew tied. The Honey Almond came last, all be it still a yummy morsel. It sure is a lot of sweetness and cutting down to sample sizes allowed us to pace ourselves.

Henrietta's does do a nice job with their baked goods. Although their are many palatial cottages now on Lake of Bays, likely with kitchens rivaling our own in the big cities, there are still many 3-season cottages as rustic as ever and challenged when it comes to doing the exacting science of baking. Not to mention the time that baking takes, thus keeping you away from the fun of the lake. This makes Henrietta's the perfect solution to include a lovely dessert with the cottage food spread.

Another food blogger I know also had a chance to pop into Henrietta's a few years back and has some great pictures from inside the store. You may enjoy reading her blog entry at Ronna's Blog.

Henrietta's Pine Bakery
2868 Highway 60
Dwight, Ontario

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  1. That is where I learned to make bread. Heinz was a tough but good teacher.

  2. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm⁷⁷³³ ...
    though 7thHeaven is moeNmoe
    deliciousNutritious than you
    could even shake a stick at
    for the impossible length and
    breadth of eternity ...though,
    again, I have faith in thee to
    bake these deliciousNutritious
    treats here AND! Upstairs:
    ● ●
    Cya soon...


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