Friday, August 13, 2010

Double Decker Diner & Dairy Bar in Downtown Manotick

The Double Decker Diner & Dairy Bar is located on Manotick Main Street by Clapp Lane. The location is easy to spot, if not for its uniqueness alone but certainly for its sense of presence. Happening upon a double decker bus anywhere in the Ottawa area is unusual so it is a real standout in its bright British red and a blue.

The recent interest by CTV Ottawa in finding the best chip truck in the region has rekindled our teenager's poutine interest. Although not regular fare, when he gets the opportunity to have chip truck fries, it must be poutine. So far, 853 CTV Ottawa readers have weighed in with their expertise and campaigning ability. As well, some 34 tweets have come in to @CTVOttawa registering their vote.

The highly unscientific leader board looks something like this:

Double Decker bus in Manotick 103
S&G's at Maitland and Carling 65
Wes's Fries in Arnprior 60
Magic Fryer, Canadian Tire, Coventry Rd 51
Poutine Queen in Almonte 48
Fritimania on St Joseph Blvd 42
Sweet Potato in Carp 33
Claude's Chip Stands - Cummings/Ogilvie 32
Mike's Chips, Carleton Place 28
GJ's on Trim Road btwn 174 & St-Joseph 28

We have been watching as the comments have been posted on the CTV website and it is clear there has been some very serious campaigning going on by a number of vendors. All in good fun as this is the chip truck season. And those on the leaderboard are likely fairly reliable locations, so no harm done I suppose.

On our way home from Gananoque yesterday, the teenager took a shot at validating first place, the Double Decker Diner & Dairy Bar in downtown Manotick, by ordering a regular poutine. He had been there once before and although he liked it, he is skeptical of its top seed.

The experience was as he expected. He says the crisp in their fries works well for poutine. Also, he appreciates that they understand the importance of layering in the cheese and gravy, not just putting it all on top. But like his prior experience, the curds just aren't a first rate product for him (no squeak) and the gravy is just too salty. At that proclamation, I went in for a taste and wholeheartedly agreed that this gravy is heart-stoppingly, too salty. What a distraction.

I took their smallest fry, called regular and enjoyed it well enough.

A soft drink is $1.25

Regular Fries $3.50 (What I would compare size-wise to a medium at other stands)
Large Fries $4.25
Family $8.00

Regular Poutine $4.75
Large Poutine $6.00

Parking is ample as is the seating. There are a number of umbrella'd picnic tables outside. Cozy tables and chairs on the second floor of the bus, makes for a retreat if you are looking for shelter from the elements.

They are trying to get the word out there and now have their own Facebook fan page.

Manotick is lucky to have the Double Decker right in town to service those with the chip truck craving as they really aren't too bad. However, the teenager still says the best fries are Wes' Chips in Arnprior and the best poutine is S & G Fries at Carling and Maitland. Though, he chooses to continue his search for the best, in case it is yet to be discovered!

In the language of the Poutine Chronicles, this place is 4 curds out of 5.

Double Decker Diner & Dairy Bar
Manotick Main Street by Clapp Lane
Manotick, Ontario

Mon to Fri: 11 am - 7 pm
Sat to Sun: 11:30 am - 7 pm

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