Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taylor's Genuine Food and Wine Bar - Hot News!!!

Taylor's Genuine Food and Wine Bar will be opening this Friday! I was looking at the Domus Café website this evening and saw that they had put a new update today on their Announcement Details page, indicating their other new venture in town, Taylor's Genuine Food and Wine Bar is opening this Friday. (There appears to be a typo because is says Friday, June 15th - the 15th is today - so likely not!)

To read a bit more, feel free to go back to my May 8th post on the Taylors' new place.

I for one can't wait! Are you making plans to check it out?

Update on June 17th: I called today and they started dinner service today. Will not be doing lunchtime until Monday. Good luck getting in!

Taylor's Genuine Food and Wine Bar
1091 Bank Street at Sunnyside in
Old Ottawa South


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  2. Anonymous: Considering the seriousness of your accusations, the nature of this situation with respect to it now being an application with OHRC, and the fact that this is your sister's story to tell and it is here on my blog second hand, I am asking that you step out from your anonymity and identify yourself and your sister please, in order to be respectful to the content of the post. If you would prefer not to, I will be removing the comment by Wednesday, June 30th. Regards.

  3. I have had many a nice meal and evening ruined by loud, abnoxious adults..however, i totally support the owner's of this ottawa restaurant from not accommodating parents of an infant. Hire a babysitter!!!


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