Thursday, March 18, 2010

You've Got Mail!

It is the digital age. Information and communication coming at us from all directions.

My laptop sits at the kitchen table while I work on a special project. Pulling myself from the monotony of the cluttered office setting is going to help my creativity or so I have dictated. Every once in a while I leave my seat to attend to the other parts of my life.

Having the laptop on the main floor for the past little while means I regularly hear that 'bong' so infamous with the arrival of a new piece of e-mail. It is a curiousity for me that I don't seem to be attuned to it emotionally. Some might want to dash to its beckoning call. But that slight reverberating sound in C Major can't conjure up a reaction in me. Maybe too much spam has clouded those long ago moments of anticipation.

It is now 12:35 pm and the Pavlovian feeling that the noon time does evoke in me is purely old-fashioned. Before long I will hear the drop of the heavy cast aluminum lid of my mail box just outside the front door and I will run to see what treasures await.

Now THAT is a sound I do like. One I wait for, and wait for, and wait for.....

Metal on metal, bellowing out to me "You've Got Mail!"

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