Thursday, March 18, 2010

Potty Mouth Chef Leaves A Bad Taste

I follow a number of chefs on Twitter that have fine establishments here in Ottawa. My expectation is that they are using Twitter to sell their restaurants by giving a bit of a glimpse into their work experience. This is by no means a private experience for them. It is an extension of their marketing.

And so here is the rub. One of the chefs I follow on Twitter commonly interjects potty mouth commentary which I find just doesn't sit well with the idea of fine dining. I have quite a list of places that I want to try this year. I feel our tastes are discerning and our cash be reserved for the finest. So far we have ventured to Eighteen, The Black Bistro, Fraser's Cafe, The Urban Pear, and Allium, to name a few. I have considered putting potty mouth's restaurant on our list but I fear his crusty language is holding me back. I don't want to feel like I am having a culinary experience straight from the tar sands.

Interestingly, before the days of Twitter, I am sure I could have easily gone to this Market-area restaurant and never had a whiff of the blue language. I may have been settled into the contentment of the wait staff, the decor and the good food. But with a menu that creeps as high as $35 for a main, I want to live in the fantasy that part of the package is someone running the kitchen that has a solid command of the English language that doesn't require him to profess a lack of capable vocabulary to convey a thought, feeling or idea. So no, I don't want to hear such nuggets as..
* "I admire the efficiency of mcdonalds. But obviously the food is inedible shit."
* "I want to change my menu. It's like waiting for fucking Christmas."
* "broke a geoduck tonight, and served it to [name removed]. Its decent with yuzu and shallots. Those fuckers are nasty to clean."
* "On TV tomorrow. Something about chocolate. What the fuck should I do?"
* "[name removed] pimps the shit out of yet another beet salad. [twitpic link removed]"

Maybe I am being a snob, but the chef's constant use of profanity is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

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