Thursday, July 17, 2014

Roots and Shoots Farm - 3rd Week of CSA Food 2014

My second CSA basket in the third week of the Roots and Shoots Farm CSA program had nine beautiful specimens.  As I worked my way through the produce, I took a quick picture on my phone of each dish I prepared. Follow along to see what happened with each item in my basket.

Basil - the next day I made a batch of basil pesto using the basil, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parmesan, pine nuts, salt and pepper. I was able to make three 125ml jars of pesto.  Two jars went into the freezer.

Some of the basil pesto was used in this pasta dish.  I also used some of the spring onions and the garlic scapes.

Curly Kale

The mister made a kale salad and made a lemony vinaigrette.  He topped with grated parmesan and some of our stash of toasted pine nuts.

Napa Cabbage

I made a coleslaw with the Napa cabbage.  I also used some of the spring onions. The dressing is based loosely on Bobby Flay's Creamy Coleslaw recipe.



I used the peas, broccoli and some of the spring onions and garlic scapes for this stir fry which was served over steamed rice.


This zucchini yielded 9 thin strips.  We grilled them lightly and let them cool.  Just before serving our party treats, we spread them with a soft cheese - Garlic and Fine Herbs Boursin.

Grated parmesan was heaped on top and then they went under the broiler to brown and warm up.  A great party treat.


The beets were roasted in the oven and the beet greens were set aside for another dish. When slightly cooled and peeled we used them in the ubiquitous roasted beet and goat cheese chèvre salad.  I included some greens from my friend's garden, microgreens from Butterfly Sky Farm, and some pralined pecans.  The dressing is an orange maple dressing using Kricklewood Farm's cold-pressed sunflower oil.

Spring onions

Garlic scapes


  1. Beautiful photos such artistry, if you are not careful the National Gallery will invite you to do an exhibit.
    I really do not know what to do with Garlic Scapes, I will have to google for recipes.

    1. That is very kind of you to say Laurent. I will be posting another batch of pictures from Thursday's basket. Hope you like them too. Have you been getting your scapes at the market or do you have a CSA share too? I am using my scapes as a substitute for garlic cloves for now. I know some people actually make a scape pesto.


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