Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rest In Peace "Garlic Man" Ted Maczka

One of the highlights of the annual Perth Garlic Festival each August is dropping in to say hello to "The Garlic Man", Ted Maczka, holding court in the Commerce Building.

You had to wait your turn as he often attracted a crowd - dieheart garlic lovers and the to-be-converted alike - but he was happy to have you listen in as he evangelized the many redeeming qualities of the stinky rose. 

I was saddened to read today of Maczka's passing on Monday. He was only 83 years old.

Long before social media was a thing, the mildly eccentric Ted Maczka was a marvel at spreading the good news about garlic, elevating it as a worthy essential in our pantries and kitchens.

Stephanie MacLellan, Staff Reporter at The Star wrote a thoughtful piece about Ted Maczka in today's paper.

Rest in peace Ted. I'm thinking that heaven is smelling pretty good right now.

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