Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ikebana 2011 - Ignite!

An exquisite dinner party is not just defined by its culinary highlights. The details for setting the scene can be very elaborate. Much thought goes into choosing the tablecloth, the dishes, cutlery and glassware. And often the table is decorated with a centrepiece.

The art of Japanese floral design, called Ikebana, would perhaps be your most intricate choice for creating a statement on your dining table.

You can find your inspiration this weekend here in Ottawa. The Ottawa Centennial Chapter No. 120 Ikebana International has partnered again with the Canadian Museum of Nature to showcase their annual spectacle of flowers. The theme this year - "ignite!"

The exhibition started Thursday. It continues through to Sunday and is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Entry is free with your regular museum admission.

There are also bilingual workshops running from 10:30 to 1:30 on both Saturday and Sunday. More information can be found on the Chapter's website.

Much of what you will see at the exhibit would be a bit grand for most dining room tables, but "may an ancient art combined with the love of nature ignite a new passion in you!"

Work by Helen Westington (Ohara School)
Sponsored by Tivoli Flowers
[Heliconia, Forsythia, Hawthorn, Cast-iron Plant, Calla]

Work by Wendy Baston (Ohara School)
Sponsored by Green Papaya Classic Thai Cuisine

[Amaryllis, Baby's Breath, Banana, Oncidium, Wild Grape]

Work by Terrence Hodgins (Ohara School)
Sponsored by Mill Street Florist
[Cymbidium, Jack Pine, Bamboo, Dracaena, Dianthus, Snake Plant]

Work by Shinran Mitsugi Kikuchi (Ohara School)
Sponsored by Embassy of Japan

[Heliconia, Bird of Paradise, Honeysuckle, Jack Pine, Wild Grape, Chrysanthemum, Cast-iron Plant]

Work by Mieko Watanabe (Honorary Advisor), Anne Breau, Leonora Duffield, Miki Mitchell, Naoko Yoshida-Moenck (Sogetsu School)
Sponsored by Canadian Museum of Nature

[Corkscrew Willow, Heliconia, Red Ginger, Alstroemeria, Ceriman]

Work by Marie-Eve Coupal (Ohara School)
Sponsored by East Wind (Glebe/Westboro)
[Red Ginger, Anthurium, Pleomele, White Pine, Hemlock]

* Introductory Photo: Work by Françoise Bussière (Sogetsu School)
[Rose, Climbing Bittersweet]


  1. Beautiful... and so nice to see flowers when surrounded by slushy sloppy snow!

  2. The exhibit really was breathtaking. Imagine having Ikebana for your hobby. Beyond my capabilities. They have such talented members in their school. Thanks for visiting the blog, Amy K.


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