Friday, December 24, 2010

Thirsting for Parisian Macarons

The Parisian macaron is a decadent confectionary that is synonymous with elegance. It is an irresistible combination of sweetness from the delicate, airy eggshell-like crust straight through to the rich ganache and jam fillings.

Finding a perfect macaron in Ottawa can be a bit of a treasure hunt. They are not mainstream fare. For some, a macaron is an undeniable craving. No need to be longing for the French patisserie, Ladurée to quench your ‘thirst’. Now there is a new game in town.

Urban Baking Co. has created a name for itself with its signature macarons, bursting in flavours of Red Boyne Raspberry, Dark Chocolate and Bartlett Pear & White Fig.

I am still too intimidated to serve my baking attempts at macarons. When it is perfection I want, I like to supplement my own dessert table with work from an expert. It is also a way to offer a gluten-free choice for my guests.

A home-based business located in Kanata, they have put together a beautiful Winter Collection of petit carrés and French macarons. Owner, Wendy Raoux, is Cordon Bleu trained. If you are looking for a special hostess or thank-you gift, you may be pleased with their choice and size of gift boxes.

My favourite? I go for the raspberry every time.

Urban Baking Co.
Call/text: 613-859-9838
Tweet: @urbanbakingco
Link to:


  1. Oh - so great to know! We always bought ours at the French Baker. My bfriend found this link to make your own:

    When we get our courage up - we're going to try!

    - Heartfelt

  2. Urban Girl, thanks for coming by the blog today for a visit. If you are keen to try macarons, consider the recipe by Dana McCauley in the LCBO Food & Drink magazine Holiday issue 2010. Her article is called 'Macaron Magic'. You may find it helpful to heed her advice in her very detailed tip list titled 'mastering macarons'.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this! It is exactly what I was looking for!

  4. Kim: Glad you found it helpful. Have you had any luck making macarons? Thanks for visiting.

  5. Wow...thanks for the review. I searched Russian blogs and saw amazing pictures of macarons. Right away I searched ottawa places for macarons. Can you believe I've never tried them...I see them everywhere lately and really want to make them. BUT my rule to try the real and original one first. Oh...can't wait to taste them. Thanks a lot.


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