Monday, March 30, 2009

Does This Blog Have a Theme?

I live in Ottawa and have for the many years following my university days in Waterloo. I am a self-confessed foodie that enjoys reading and the arts - galleries, movies, theatre, concerts, etc. My professional career was in senior management for a large financial institution running their I/T Services organization. What a departure from how I spend my time now.

My sense is that there is a niche here in Ottawa to get the word out about food and the arts that is somewhere between a Twitter and a full out blog. More like a noticeable tickle. I know I am too distracted to be complete but as I experience things, it just seems nice to share.

I have found a number of food related blogs here in Ottawa and they all seem to have a different feel. Some are reasonably content rich and some are long on author personality. Maybe there is something similar about the arts. My blog isn't about me, about the attention I need, about my charming wit, about my character pros and cons. It needs to be about the content. Get it to you. Make it timely. Maybe thoughtful too in the hopes that it sticks with you and can be useful. Don't over talk it. Respect your busy lives. And if by chance you have comments, I welcome any and all that show respect for the conduct of good debate.

That's me. I just want to be a Tickle.

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