Monday, August 9, 2010

Raspberry Peach Pie - The Perfect Thank You Gift

Saturday afternoon our neighbour teenager came over looking for eggs. I so love that we do that cliché thing on our street. Borrowing sugar, eggs, powdered ginger, maple syrup... The requests to my kitchen have been many. Out the door went two eggs. For pies, she said. No details.

Later that evening, our neighbour teenager returned. We were a bit surprised to hear the doorbell ring so late. Who could it be? There she was with a steaming raspberry peach pie in hand. A gift. A thank you pie!

She wanted to say thanks for taking her on the latest 3-day Algonquin canoe trip with the mister and our teenager. This trip had been on their summer bucket list before they headed off to university.

Thanks for letting her sleep on the hard ground, with an axe, in the rain, on a hill, with much wildlife, where the open outdoor toilet is a long weavy, dark walk in the woods, likely inhabited by serial killers. Her words. The serial killer part. (She says she watches too much Criminal Minds.)

Thanks for the filet mignon grilled over the coals with baked potatoes. Thanks for the thrill of shooting rapids. Thanks for short portages. Thanks for protecting her reign as champion of the game Spit. Thanks for peaceful sunrises and glowing sunsets. Thanks for the most picturesque of Canadiana geography. Thanks for helping make that bucket list item happen in the summer that will likely be their last at home together.

The neighbour teenager is classy, smart, adventurous, balanced, thoughtful, musical, gutsy and just all-round great.

And that's what makes raspberry peach pie the perfect thank you gift.

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