Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pêche Brulée

Yes, you can have pêche brulée for breakfast!

Fellow food blogger @foodiePrints responded to my recent call on Twitter for all things peach. "How 'bout grilled, then sprinkled with vanilla sugar a bruleed?"

I liked the idea! This morning when we were seeing the end of our wonderful selection of Ontario peaches, I knew I needed to jump at this suggestion before they were all gone.

I moved passed the grilling part of the recipe and went right to brulée. I gave it a good coating of sugar across the open flesh and then went at it with our kitchen torch. The sugar bubbled and blistered and settled in to a deep caramel colour with that signature crackle that declared my pêche brulée complete. The smoky flavour that accompanies caramelized sugar is the perfect match for well-ripened, juicy peaches.

I thank you, foodiePrints. Yes, you can have pêche brulée for breakfast.


  1. now if only I was allowed to have a kitchen torch. As always, yum!

  2. Sad to see that batch of peaches go. They were really good.

  3. haha Jess, I don't think Ken would let me have one either. Especially since you both cringe at the idea of me wielding a knife.

    P.S. - Those peaches look awesome!


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