Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Reminds Me of The Circle of Life

These beautiful, sunny Spring days are infectious. The energy it gives you seems mysterious and magical. Watching the buds stretching out and the young ground shoots pushing through has brought back vivid memories for me of my late parents. They both died in the Autumn time but Spring reminds me so much of them because of their passion for the earth and gardening and the age old religion of 'puttering around'. So as my heart is aching for them again and as I fondly remember their wonderful traits, I decided to 'pay it forward'.

Today I donated to the Quickstart program through the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre in support of early intervention for children with autism. This I did in memory of my mother, who I admired so much for her ability to look past a person's individual challenges and see nothing but full opportunities for them.

1928 - 2004

And today I also donated to the local Ottawa programs of the Salvation Army in memory of my father. I saw time and time again where he would give so generously to those in need, even in times where he himself may have had a burden of obligations.

1928 - 2002

These beautiful, sunny Spring days really are infectious. Spring reminds me of the circle of life.

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