Monday, January 20, 2014

Breakfast For Lunch

If you stare at my Breakfast For Lunch, you will see either: the portrait of a man - wild and wiry hair, weepy crossed-eyes, sharp pointy nose, droopy red tongue and a crooked smile OR you see a beautiful feast.

I choose to see a feast.

2 pieces romaine lettuce
1 half sesame bagel from The Ottawa Bagelshop, lightly toasted and lightly buttered
Morbier cheese -  a semi-soft cow's milk cheese from France with a wee bite
Avocado slices - ripened to perfection in a brown paper bag for a number of days
Oven-dried grape tomatoes - thawed and brought to room temperature
Soft-boiled egg cut in half
Basil pesto - homemade and stored in the freezer in 125 ml jars

Stack the ingredients and eat with a fork and knife.

Place large eggs(s) straight from the fridge into a small pot and cover the eggs with cold water.  Bring the water to a boil on high.  Reduce the heat to medium but continue to boil for 4 minutes.

Immediately immerse the eggs in ice-cold water to stop them from further cooking.  

Peel off the shell as soon as the egg is cool enough to handle.

Use right away.

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