Thursday, August 2, 2012

Roots and Shoots Farm - 6th Week of CSA Food 2012

Despite the drought, Roots and Shoots Farm continues to deliver luscious food in our CSA baskets. Bless that very deep, new well.

The focus of this week's food will be the menu for our Food Day Canada party on Saturday evening. FDC is the brainchild of Anita Stewart, culinary activist and recently appointed Member of the Order of Canada. We made our plans earlier trying to guess what we might be receiving this week. Happily, this is going to allow us to use many of the items throughout our dishes.

Our Food Day Canada menu this year is heavy on the vegetables. There will be a wee bit of duck in one dish of our 5-course meal and also smoked salmon in one of our three canapés. This 'heavy on the vegetables' is a side effect we continue to experience as CSA shareholders. We want to use all that we have been given with care and respect. No waste.

What will you be doing with your food basket this week?

[Tomatoes] [In Food Day Canada 2012 menu]

[Yellow beans]

[Basil] [In Food Day Canada 2012 menu]


[Cucumbers] [In Food Day Canada 2012 menu]

[Garlic] [In Food Day Canada 2012 menu]

[Napa cabbage]

[Peppers] [In Food Day Canada 2012 menu]


[Tatsoi] [In Food Day Canada 2012 menu]

[Onions] [In Food Day Canada 2012 menu]

[Zucchini] [In Food Day Canada 2012 menu]

If you want to learn more about the farm, the contact information for Roots and Shoots Farm is:

They also sell at a number of markets around the city, including the Ottawa Farmers' Market on Sunday at Brewer Park. 8 am to 3 pm.

[Disclaimer: Many have noticed that I write quite frequently about Roots and Shoots Farm. I have no connection to this business other than as a 3rd season CSA customer. My comments are my own. I do not do sponsored posts. Roots and Shoots Farm has never asked me to write about their farm. I did this post because I love their food. I receive nothing in return for waxing poetic about their great produce.]


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    1. Thank you. We really are having a spectacular year with our farmer. Feeling fortunate. I hope you are able to enjoy some great goodies down your way as well.


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