Monday, June 28, 2010

Nachos! The Salad Chaser

Our 'beat the heat' salad with buttermilk dressing tonight was just not enough for the growing teenager. After we let the greens settle in, he went to town on making an addition to dinner that we don't often indulge in - nachos. It was a chance to put to use some leftover roast chicken and a half used cooking onion. The nacho chips he used were Tostitos Low Sodium Rounds. The reduction in salt did seem noticeable. Since they were tasty enough, it left me wondering why the full salt nachos really needed to be full salt.


Tostitos Low Sodium Rounds nachos

cheddar cheese

monterey jack cheese

medium chunky salsa


roast chicken

pickled jalapenos

After coming out from under the broiler, he garnished with small dollops of sour cream. Perhaps this 'snack plate' was just a plea for protein.

1 comment:

  1. Amanda, Catherine and I make KILLER natchos. Probably because both insist we use a full hunk of cheese. but the 'growing teenagers' low sodium variety looks slightly more appealing to my heart and physical well being :)


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